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is the workspace of musician John Naylor, whose specialty genres include Rock/Pop, Acoustic Mood Music, and some Orchestral Hybrids.  His versatile music has been placed internationally, and also in online advertising (examples are noted on this website).  He is always interested in providing customized music for clients’ specific needs, using key market research tools and demographics to match music to your product line or media stream.

John manages and performs (vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin) in numerous live music performance projects.  Also, as one half of Epic Pop Rock artist/creators Farsaing - he is the producer and a co-writer for this project, creating catchy vocal-rich licensable songs.  He is also a freelance music project manager and mixing engineer at his studio in Titusville, FL.

In 2022, he formed Vision Trust Creative LLC, a music production and live entertainment company with partner Meleisa McDonell.

John is currently affiliated with BMI.

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New Track on
Fret - Tension Underscore Vol. 4
by Epitome Music



is now available for sync licensing at Epitome Music!

Please click the album art to go check out the new song and the compilation album by Epitome Music Artists. 


Fret - Tension Underscore Vol. 4_cover.jpg


Your custom music should be JUST THAT...customized.  I take the time to learn what you envision for your project, then produce the writing style, sound palette, and gear choices to suit.  Demographic data study and critical listening research of your desired genre/style are included with all of our custom creations. 


My promise:  I will make 'what you hear in your head' a reality for your project!

Vision Trust Creative
Music Production and More


Silverdog Music is now a part of Vision Trust Creative LLC, a music production and live entertainment company.  Let us help you organize and deliver your next musical masterpiece.  As a veteran, my decades in a fast-paced, exacting work environment have helped me to develop strong leadership, extensive organizational skills and keen attention to detail. 


We offer:

Production Music Cues

'Custom Jobs' for Production

Custom Jingles

Voiceover (Male & Female)

Music Project Management

Remote Sessions Team Lead


Guitar Session Work

Vocal Session Work (Male & Female)



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Uprising - Rebellious Rock_cover.jpg

Epitome Music Offerings:
(click on the album art to listen)


Hard Country Rock Vol. 1_cover.jpg
Fret - Tension Underscore Vol. 4_cover.jpg
Psychedelic Zamrock_cover.jpg

Epic Music LA Music Offerings
Thrilling Sports Stadium Rock and Punk Vol. 1

(click on the album art to listen)


Thrilling Sports Stadium Rock and Punk (vol. 1)_cover (1).jpg

Sync Music Portfolio:

Listen (My Portfolio)

Custom Ad Sync Track (Video Example):

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Titusville, FL


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